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What Is Nutritional Therapy?

Rooted in the belief that optimal nutrition is the cornerstone of vitality, our approach utilises a wide range of tools to uncover potential imbalances and their impact on your health. By understanding your medical and personal history and individual symptoms, we tailor interventions to restore balance and ignite your body's innate healing abilities.

At the heart of Content Nutrition lies the recognition that one size does not fit all. Each person is a unique puzzle, deserving of personalised recommendations rather than generic solutions.

From digestive woes to autoimmune disorders, menopause to skin concerns, our recommendations address a wide spectrum of health challenges. Our approach is as diverse as the clients we work with, whether you're seeking support for managing stress, controlling blood sugar or minimising health symptoms.

While nutritional therapy complements traditional medicine, it is not a substitute. Clients with red-flag symptoms are referred to medical professionals to ensure comprehensive care and the best outcomes.

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Content Nutrition Fees

Initial Consultation up to 90 minutes - £150.

First Follow-Up Appointment up to 60 minutes - £100.

Additional Follow-Up Appointments 30 minutes - £50.

Additional Follow-Up Appointments 45 minutes - £75.


Consultations are strictly confidential. Your personal information will not be passed to any third party without your permission, for example if we needed to liaise with your medical team.

Content Nutrition Essentials
6 Week Package

Our 6 week package suits those who may just need some small tweaks or those who want a stepping stone on their pathway to improved health and wellbeing. Your initial consultation looks at your goals and challenges, then two follow-up sessions and check-in, fine-tunes your plan for success. You'll also have the reassurance of two support emails to ensure you have the expert guidance and support you need along the way. 

Content Nutrition Essentials Includes:

1 x  up to 90 min initial consultation

1 x up to 60 min first follow-up

1 x up to 45 min second follow-up

2 x support emails between consultations as required


Price: £325

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Content Nutrition Enhanced
12  Week Package

Our Enhanced 12 week programme suits those who are committed to building healthy habits and lasting change alongside expert guidance and support.  We begin with an initial consultation followed by five focused follow-up sessions of differing durations. There's also three support emails between consultations so you'll have the ongoing guidance you need to stay on track.

Content Nutrition Enhanced Includes:

1 x up to 90 min initial consultation

1 x up to 60 min first follow-up

1 x up to 45 min second follow-up

3 x additional follow-ups, up to 30 mins

3 x support emails between consultations as required

Price: £475

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